“I would like to do whatever it is that presses the essence from the hour.”

      Mary Oliver

As a painter I relate most to the writing of poetry or to the composition of classical music. I am interested in tantalizing rather than boldly stating my themes. Subtlety has come to mean more than the obvious so my work is very layered and nuanced. There are many images in the work but often they are partly hidden. The imagery is derived from my life; which I appreciate with a full and grateful heart.

Some of the things in my life that I like to incorporate into my work are animals, plant forms, and iconography from mythology. Many times the paintings are like a journal entry, a recording  of a memorable event that reverberated with me emotionally or visually. I draw in sketchbooks constantly, like many painters, and find that it is best to let those books rest for a few years before delving into them for ideas. That way there can be a new objectivity to the rendering of an experience into paint.

I work in acrylics on linen. I find that allows me to keep the layering quite gossamer in quality,

and to mix many rich color combinations. There is a very rich surface to the work as well with much texture.

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